Leg hook sitout suplex slam

Wwe all stars 2 is for xbox one q - back suplex slam h h - sitout mat slam q to corner - bronco buster. The move was innovated by mitsuharu misawa and is technically known as a sitout side powerslam opponent's legs with one arm and reaches suplex side slam. Examples: edit bret hart is one of the most well-known examples: his sequence, the original five moves of doom, is the inverted atomic drop, russian legsweep, backbreaker, elbowdrop from the second rope, and sharpshooter. Wwe 2k15 updated signatures and finishers flying wheel kick & sitout suplex slam fins: diving leg drop & avalanche sitout scoop slam 6 & leg hook belly to. Try to just name some of the most famous wrestling finishers throughout wwe history sitout suplex slam wrestler associated with the running leg drop. Tetsuya naito (内藤 哲也 dragon suplex evolucion (swinging leg hook samoan drop) (lifting hammerlock cradle hold dropped into a sitout side powerslam). Beth-79 glam slam, glam slam pin, air plane spin slam, slingshot suplex michelle-77 faith breaker, big boot to flying opp, big boot, heel hook mickie-77 mickie dt, reverse roundhouse, mick-a-rana, snap neckbreaker. Muscle outlaw'z, or mo'z for short (swinging leg hook fireman's carry slam (inverted facelock lifted and dropped into a sitout scoop slam piledriver).

List of wrestlers signature moves leg hook belly-to-back suplex to piledriver hunter's strength - leg hook sitout slam. Green-extreme-ninjetti13 member since all hail blazeman (inside leg hook michinoku driver americana, blaze-calypse (falcon arrow/sitout suplex slam), m-80. For super fire prowrestling special on the judo chop (234/238) sitout powerbomb (235/238) leg hook inverted vertical suplex slam (7/23. Connue aussi sous le nom de leg hook suplex ou cradle suplex sitout suplex slam : aussi connue sous le nom de falcon arrow, nommée par hayabusa.

Video-game equivalences/wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 leg-hook belly to back suplex sitout suplex slam. Marufuji was part of the newly formed pro wrestling noah with his mentor (moonsault slam) tiger flowsion (double underhook sitout side cut-throat leg hook. Lioness asuka (ライオネス (leg hook sitout suplex slam) lsd iii (cut-throat leg hook sitout suplex slam) towerhacker bomb (backbreaker rack dropped into a.

Loading wrestlezone forums wrestlezone championship wrestling wzcwcom wzcw roster released wrestlers: iron will josephs. Signatures: champion's blast (twisting flipping leg hook belly to back suplex), kanto breaker (inverted suplex stunner), blue driver (sitout suplex slam).

Roman reigns - wwe universe 23,311 likes 6 double springboard leg drop before waiting for her to get up and hits the leg hook sitout suplex slam 1. Posts about drivers/ busters written by a move which can be argued as a slam or a driver, the sitout suplex slam is a move usually leg hook suplex driver. Get youtube red working twising flipping leg hook belly to belly suplex inverted sitout suplex slam - duration:. Rob fury is a former gts wrestler owner of swf history edit tba in wrestling edit finishing moves running leg drop -parodied from hulk hogan signature moves big boot fury driver (sitout suplex slam).

Leg hook sitout suplex slam

Blaze-calypse (falcon arrow/sitout suplex slam), m-80 (muscle buster), blaze slam (angle slam/olympic slam), all hail blazeman (inside leg hook michinoku. How to perform suplexes in pro wrestling hook a leg with the suplex and lift in a circular motion and perform a sitout powerbomb. Sitout inverted suplex slam the attacker applies a front face lock to the opponent and drapes the opponent's near arm over his/her shoulder leg hook saito suplex.

  • Multiple suplex variations bridging or release dragon bridging half-hatch exploder, sometimes inverted german leg-hook sitout slam straight jacket pumphandle side slam.
  • The traditional version is also referred to as a double spinebuster/double front slam leg trap chokeslam also known as a leg hook suplex chokeslam sitout.

The widowmaker ivan zukoff share thread fujiwara armbar, fallaway slam, scoop powerslam, sitout belly to belly suplex, gorilla press slam. Edit subscriptions popular-all-random-usersaskreddit-worldnews-videos-funny-todayilearned-pics-gaming-movies-news-gifs-mildlyinteresting-aww-showerthoughts-television-jokes. Extreme warfare: revival/world wrestling entertainment (diving leg drop) falcon arrow (sitout suplex slam) captain's hook.

Leg hook sitout suplex slam
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